Heart Rate (HR) Apple Watch Gen 1 paired but shown always 0 during a Ride


I am pairing my Apple Watch gen 1 for the Heart Rate Monitoring at the same time I am pairing my Tacx Neo on my iPhone7 using latest iOS version. Then, my ZWIFT apps on my iPhone7 indicated that my Apple Watch is paired. So, I start a traning plan (Ride)

However, the Heart Rate is always 0 but the I can see the green LED on under my Apple Watch.

Do you know why the apps can’t get the HR from my Apple Watch?


I don’t have an apple watch so i can’t vouch for it, but it seems that it can be used to monitor heart rate in zwift, per the discussion here:


I managed to get it working. First, I put my iPhone is night mode to stop notification.Then, After I start my workout (pedaling), I need to keep my Watch screen active by touching it until the heart beat appears on my Apple Watch screen. Once, you see the heart beat on the Apple Watch, it will continue to transfer the heart beat to ZWIFT apps event if the apple Watch screen is off. I watch randomly if the heart beat on Watch matches the heart beat on the ZWIFT apps.

However, sometime for some reasons, there is a delay between the heart beat from the watch and from the apps. I have saw up to 30 sec delay but after few minutes, the delay reduce and come back to normal delay which is about 1 sec or less.

So Apple Watch first generation is working perfectly with the ZWIFT Apps.

Forgot to mention that once the Zwift apps is started on my iPhone7, I don’t switch back and forth to other phone applications. I have read that communication between watch and Zwift may be lost. If that happens, kill the Zwift apps on the Apple Watch and restart the Zwift apps on the iPhone and keep the screen on by touching it until you see the heart beart on the Apple Watch and the Zwift Apps on the iPhone (search the web to see how to kill an apps on an Apple Watch).

Please note that An Apple Watch could not be connected to an iPad. It can only be connected to an iPhone…