Heart Rate Dropouts Apple TV with Polar HRMs = BUG

I’m posting this in case anyone else gets this problem.

It applies when using Apple TV 4K with Polar H9 and H10.
I only solved it after getting Polar to replace my H10 which didn’t solve it and purchasing a new H9 which also didn’t solve it.

The dropouts were happening every few seconds at the beginning of rides. At first I though it was the battery which was changed multiple times and solved it generally for 2 or 3 rides. Then I realised that just removing the battery and putting it back in solved it, but only for a couple of rides.

Eventually, I worked out the bug.
These dropouts only occur when the HRM is paired on the initial set up screen. When the dropouts happen, if you stay on the ride and enter the menu, unpair and then re-pair the same HRM it stays good for the remainder of the ride.

That’s it.

Same problem here. Glad to read that I’m not the only one.

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@markinthepark Tried your solution yesterday evening and it works like a charm.

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Glad it worked. Remarkably simply… once you know. It’s worked every time for me, just a pity it took me such a long time to work it out. Happy riding.

I’ve got the same issue. I’ll try that unpair/repair from within the game today…

Turning the trainer off then back on during the ride also fixes it.

The subject is about a heartrate monitor, not a trainer.

I know, I made the original post. But twice recently I had the above HRM problem and an issue with the Kickr at the same time. Turning the Kickr off then back on without exiting the ride also fixes the HRM problem. Strange I know.

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Ah, I see.