HR Dropouts

I’m getting frequent heart rate monitor dropouts using ant+ or bluetooth since the update, when using the bolt (for dual recording) as I do outdoors I get no such drops, so something in the game is causing these disconnects, will these disconnects show in any logs?

No drops when not dual recording?

If so that wouldn’t indicate any issue with Zwift.

yes it drops when dual recording, I guess I didn’t make myself very clear, zwift = dropped hr connections whilst head unit = no disconnection, I’ve attached a section of the dual recording from last nights wtrl race, it shows that the hr has dropped in the game but the head unit hasn’t

I had 3 drops in the race, 3s a 2nd one of 16s and that one above being the longest

Interesting. My HRM kept dropping today on ATV. No problem yesterday or over the weekend. Good idea to try dual recording to isolate problem.

No drops in heart rate when not dual recording?

it drops regardless of if I am dual recording or not

@Rich what device do you use to run the game, and it sounds like you are pairing with bluetooth to that device and the Bolt is via ANT+?

Do you, or does anyone close to you, know CPR?

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its a pc and I have tested it using both bluetooth and ant+ to zwift and get the drops on both protocols, its only since a recent update that this issue has occurred

Sorry - I read your initial post thinking that you were saying that it worked normally, but not if you were dual recording.

Please contact support with your latest fit file and they’ll have a look.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ can we split this out of the update post please?

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Done. (Not a creative Topic title. Sorry)

i’ll send over the fit file from zwiftpower to them

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just curious if you ran it through zwiftalizer?

Oddly I’ve had BT dropouts during my last 2 sessions after never suffering any.

I’m still experimenting though as I’m of the opinion it’s interference albeit everything is in the same location.

Ant+ unaffected.

no didn’t save the log file off the machine, its a dedicated pc that only gets used for zwift, I might dump the log file into zwiftalizer later if I don’t go outdoors for a ride