Having issues with not joining the Robo Pacer? [May 2023] [SOLVED 1.42]

When I try to ride with a pace partner it drops me into the world but the pace partner disappears as soon as I get on

This actually seems worse in 1.41 (ios 16.5 / iPad air) compared with 1.40. 5 attempts to join different robopacers today and all launched nowhere near and some launched with me going round in circles. Numbers also seemed very low for all the robopacer groups I’m guessing because of this issue.
There was a ticket in known issues for 1.39 for this issue which support just closed saying there will be a fix in the next version - not really acceptable. Please fix this as a high prioity - a large part of the attraction of Zwift is easily being able to ride with others.


I posted earlier on this topic. Many issues with Pace Partners including the game not being to actually find the pace partner you select. It was promised to be fixed with the recent game update - but it’s not - it’s actually worse. Took me 4 times to connect to a pace partner this morning. Same issue with many of my friends. @James_Zwift what you say?

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Today I had to log on to a Robo pacer ride multiple times (5 I think) to finally find a Robo pacer. When I did the Robo pacer was sitting sideways in the roadway flickering on and off. Anyone know what this is about?

Also today, once I finally logged on and could join a Robo pacer ride, I saw multiple occasions where someone else’s HoloReplay was in my display. Anyone know what this is about? I’m going to try and upload images and videos

I captured. Hopefully I can figure out how.

Couldn’t post video of the blinking Robo pacer, but here’s a still shot of it sitting sideways in the roadway.

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See this

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Well thanks! That explains the extra HoloReplay seen on my ride. Now if we can only figure out the missing, and then sideways blinking, Robo pacer

Still happening’ please fix

The missing RP is a bug allready since 1.39 and that was reported multiply time as fixed, but is not fixed at all. James has put it again back to the repair list (as far as I know).

The sideways RP I have not yet seen, but that could be because I stopped riding in Zwift as I can not join a RP normaly since 1.39.

I followed up on this yesterday.

Our developers have a very high level of confidence that the issue will be fixed in 1.42 (14th)



Ok thank you! The bug is slightly different than the prior one - meaning it seems now it is just about not getting beamed to a pace partner (however once you are there - your legs actually move). The incidence of not getting beamed to a pace partner is much worse than the previous bug. I can see by rider counts on different pace partners it is a significant problem.

While we are at it - can Zwift return the pace partners back to their prior avatars - and not the robo-cop roasted chicken versions? They are universally despised. Please Zwift!

Yep, I know about this.

I like them. :man_shrugging:

Not accurate.

You’re wrong.

Hope this helps.

Is this issue only with running on certain platforms, RPs or Worlds? I haven’t experienced this problem yet.

Seen reports across all platforms. I haven’t experienced it yet either.

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Zwift should offer up a vote!