Have hills been made easier?

(Joel Dudgeon) #1

When I first got onto Zwift last year, the 8-10% portion of the climbs seemed quite realistic - you really felt like you were climbing a steep hill. Since the new year though, the hills seem much easier and another Zwift user mentioned that the difficulty of the grades has been halved. Is that true?

If so, I’d really like to see the difficult return. The great thing about smart trainers and dynamic resistance is the ability to simulate climbing which, in my opinion, is now being under utilized. If people find the grades to hard, they can always override Kickr control using the Wahoo Fitness app.

(Joel Dudgeon) #2

“…I’d really like to see the difficulty return.”

(It’d also be nice if we could edit our posts.)

(Eric Eddy) #3

The counterclockwise course just doesn’t seem to contain the 8 - 10% grade, but instead a longer 5 - 7% climb, which I prefer for intervals. ON from Orange Arch to KOM Arch, OFF the remainder.

(Joel Dudgeon) #4

I prefer the longer climbs as well, but the grades are still too easy. A 5-6% grade feels like 2-3% which takes some of the challenge out of it.

(John Scott) #5

Agreed. The resistance on my Kickr seems about half of what I’d expect for the indicated grade. I would like to see it reflect more accurately.

(W Z.) #6

I never leave the big ring is this what I’m to expect? Bkool gets freaking hard at 6%. I’m on a kickr. And a Mac mini with a garmin ant.

(C oach Paul Ozier) #7

I use CompuTrainer and the hills feel realistic. The reverse course is easier, but still 5-6% feels just like it does on the real road.