Kickr on Descents just got harder?

(T aylor Zwift) #1

I went for a short ride last night and everything seemed harder, i was needing to use lower gears and there seemed to be more resistance on downhills than i remember.

On my side the only thing i changed was that i reduced my weight by 2 lbs (as zwift

has helped). But i would expect the opposite to have happened by reducing my weight.

Any ideas? did something else change?


(David Sack 50+) #2

I noticed the downhill sections become more realistic to me after the last update.  Before I would hit 40-50mph regardless of the amount of effort that I put into it.

(T aylor Zwift) #3

Hi David, yes that could be true i guess. However, i believe i’ve ridden at least a couple of time since the last update but only noticed the “difference” last night.

Do you think the weight adjustment would do this?

(David Sack 50+) #4

I guess it’s possible.  I tend to change my weight as it changes.  I have only dropped a couple of pounds and I can’t imagine it would make that much of a difference.  What I am unclear about is how much of the environment Zwift can change server side,  behind the curtain without a version download update.

(L Read) #5

Maybe now I can keep up on the downhill on a computrainer.