Haute Route Strava Dolomites Challenge

Anyone already worked out the best way to tackle the 3,300m+ elevation in the shortest distance? The Alpe 3 times (+ a bit I think) is the obvious one but looking for something a bit more interesting. Don’t mind tackling the Alpe twice.

Also, is there a way to pre-plan a route plus a route, or would I just need to start one route and then navigate the rest by turning at the relevant intersections?

Cheers, Adam

After you deviate from the route you selected at the beginning of the session, you’ll navigate turn by turn at later intersections.

Thanks Steve. Do you (or anyone else) know if there is a way to get a group to automatically follow me if I am manually navigating? i.e. if they select to ride with me from the menu screen at the very start of their ride, will they then follow my every move at intersections unless they choose to take a different turn?

I think I have tackled the 3,300m of elevation… Quatch Quest (throwing in the Radiotower climb), back down the Alpe and up the Epic KOM Reverse, before doing a U-Turn and then going back up the Alpe for a second time. My maths tells me that this will leave c18m of elevation to do so just a case of continuing to pedal until it is done I’d say!

I’ve been thinking about the best way to tackle it too. I think this might be the most interesting route - https://zwiftinsider.com/komonster/ - and then maybe going up the alpe again after (gulp). Would be keen to see if there’s a group taking it on as I think some company would help with this challenge!

No. Unfortunately. Even if they select “ride with” they will actually start with you and then follow the route they had selected at the start.

I am thinking about this one myself. It would be cool to do a meet-up but I don’t think you can with rebel routes.

I was thinking 4 Horseman (since I haven’t checked it off yet) + U-turn and do the Alpe again (plus a little more).

Thanks for this suggestion Kerry. I like this one a lot! I think there will be four of us giving this a crack on Sunday morning 08:15 BST. May see you along the way if you are having a bash at it too.