Haute Route Stage 2 ... CRASHED

Seriously not more than 3 miles from the top of the stage 2 and zwift crashes… seriously … this is very disappointing!

Guess it was my turn to experience this frustration

I did a second run to finish what I got duped out of … Very annoying to have been so close to finishing the first time … I just hope I got enough left for stage 3

Well, 2nd day in a row for me but at least today I got kicked out before it started vs completing the whole thing and not seeing it saved. Hey Zwift, here’s an idea… either limit the race entries to something you can handle or get this fixed. Really wanted to complete the Pretzel tomorrow, but thinking I have to do it on my own vs part of Haute Route.

I got kicked out today 9km in and wondered why I was riding alone.
The game then kicked me out totally why do we bother.
Zwift you need to sort this. I want to ride the routes and not just be gifted with it.
Zwift sort some more events for this
So it eases up on your servers or offer a 2 month free subscription as your making loads of money from this and those that rode regularly are suffering at your expense whilst your lapping in the money during this crisis.
I repeat Zwift give something back to us please.

Zwift crashed at the start of stage 2 while I was still on the pier. No option to late join when I signed back on. Really a bummer because I ate two cinnamon rolls in preparation to climb the Alpe. :roll_eyes:

Same here, yesterday on stage 1 and today on stage 2, Zwift crashed. Verry frustrating.

Zwift running on Windows 7 crashed today after ~2:30 h:mm. Unfortunately neither the log file nor Windows event event viewer give any information on what happened.
The application closed without lag / response timeout.
But I guess drawing any conclusions without any information is impossible.

so disappointed in Zwift here. They seriously underestimated the numbers. If you can’t cope zwift don’t do it, or cap the numbers to a number you can cope with. Really poor experience. I did stage 1 last night and did not bother with 2 or 3. Did not enjoy cycling for 30mins to go 2km and showing time gone as 5mins. Amateurish. Is Zwift run by a load of kids?

Just got booted. Stage 2… 9km left to go. I won’t be doing tomorrows event because none of this ride was saved to my profile. Zero confidence in the servers and how they’ve prepared for this.