Haute route issue

Twice yesterday and 3 times today after 5-10 seconds on the haute stage zwift crashes on my ipad and goes on too the home page
I’ve never had any issues before as such

Do I need too do anything with the wi fi ?
Or is there anything I can do to help stop this happening

It sound like your Ipad got overwhelmed with the huge amount of riders on the screen.

you can drop your log file in zwiftalizer.com and look at your frame rate before and during the ride.

Ok thanks for this so is there any solution I can do at mine end too help cope with the amount of riders ? Thanks in advance

This below was the message when I dropped the file in
Old version detected . This log is from game client version 1.0.48093 which is different from the current game client version 1.0.48638

Update to the latest version as soon as possible.

Check the i store for the latest. Zwiftalizer had a bug showing the wrong version.

What was you fps before and during the ride