Has overtaking become stickier again?

Over the last week or so overtaking seems to have become sticky again.

It used to be pretty bad, you’d cruise up behind somebody and then get stuck behind them for a bit before eventually being allowed past. All the time neither of you change your power outputs.

A while ago it got better and seemingly more realistic, but it seems to have got a bit worse again recently.

Or is it in my head?

“Sterzo” bug???

I do not have Sterzo functionality, but have been hit with a few sticky situations on meetup rides with the no drop function going. I get stuck on the slower riders and cannot get past them. I have pushed 2-3 times the w/kg to no avail, and also less than half with out coming unstuck.

Today, someone in the group took a screen video of me doing full on zigzag and circles around riders I was stuck to, even though from my viewpoint, I was not doing anything like that. Quite comical, and I would never, ever ride with myself if I rode like that IRL.

If a gap developed, all the riders around me except my ‘stuck to’ would get pulled up. The two of us would stay back. I had to stop completely to get unstuck, then the rider I was stuck to would get sprung back up to the group. I’d get going again, catch back up only to get stuck again.

In a group of 40 or so, there were three riders in particular.

Once the group shrunk to 10 of closer ability, and the ones I was sticking to dropped out, there did not seem to be an issue.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

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