Hardware to use with Discord

I am looking for Hardware recommendations for using Discord with Zwift.
Should I run it on a PC or can I run it on my iPhone?
What Headset is recommended? Separate microphone or built into the Headset? I will be using it with PTT (push to talk) selected for Audio.
Thank You

If you like having the Zwift sounds on (swooshing sounds and birds chirping and Ride Ons riding on and such), you might need to run Discord on a separate device from the one running Zwift. My laptop won’t play sounds from both Zwift and Discord at the same time–but that may vary by computer.

For headphones, I’m a big fan of bone-conduction headphones, but there are caveats for uses like this. If you have a very noisy trainer or fan, bone-conduction may not be idea as it leaves your ears open (although bone-cond headphones typically come with soft earplugs for this purpose). My trainer (Saris H3) and fan are pretty quiet, so my bone-cond headphones are typically plenty loud enough.

PTT with Discord is a pain, at least for me. The ‘function’ button on my favorite headphones (Shockz) can’t be mapped to the PTT function, so I have to hit the PTT button on my phone screen. Unfortunately, Discord likes to black out the screen after a delay (and I can’t seem to make that stop), so hitting PTT is often ‘waking up the screen then hitting PTT’ which is a pain. My team’s group rides are often social (lower speed, less heavy breathing), so we often just leave mics open and it works okay.

I don’t know if there are headphones that can map the Discord PTT function to their buttons. I’d assume so?