Discord With Zwift

I am a new user to Zwift. I run Zwift from a Windows 10 gaming PC and use the Zwift Companion app on my iPhone mainly to give ride ons. The PC is connected to a very large TV and I use the TV speakers to hear the game sounds. I like that a lot. I am interested in using Discord to communicate with other Zwifters during events. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I should set it up Discord?

Should I run Discord through the PC or through my iPhone? Any recommendation on microphone or headset for the two ways of using it? Will running Discord affect the sound from the PC if I go that way or the running of the Companion app if I go that way?

I’d appreciate to know how others do it! Thanks!


Thanks for the help!

Ride on!

Ive never really tried any other way but to use my phone/headset separately for discord. While running Zwift either on my TV or a laptop.

I think I prefer them to be separated.

Hope this helps.

If you are into heavy breathing then Discord is for you. I found not everybody mutes so sometimes all I hear is others breathing hard as they workout.

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to use the same phone for zwift and use discord at the same time?

You can run Discord, Spotify, iTunes, etc…on the same phone. However, Zwift wasn’t designed to be run in the background. As a result if you switch apps mid ride, your Zwift avatar will slow to a stop. So get Discord up and running before starting Zwift. Then don’t switch apps. If you do this, it should be fine.

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