Allowing the organiser of a meetup to speak with their voice

It would be interesting for a meetup organiser to have the possibility to speak at the meetup and be heard by the other participants. Like a sports commentator.

Thank you

If memory serves me correctly, this feature exists (or at least, existed…)

I recall attending a group ride where the leader was announcing to the group… a while back.

Don’t know what the current status is, though.


Have you tried discord, we use it and it is a lot of fun.

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Hi Gerrie !

How do you use it? Zwift on a computer and discord on your phone?

Or you use Zwift and Discord on a computer?

Zwift and discord on the PC.


I’ve started using discord on group rides recently. I have discord and the Zwift companion app running on my iPhone with Zwift itself on an Apple TV. Discord and the companion app seem to be ok running in the background while the other is on screen and my heart rate monitor (Zwift companion app on Apple Watch) didn’t drop at all (well any more than normal) whilst doing this.

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