Zwift / Discord & Spotify

Been looking for a solution for a while now with no luck, Run zwift on windows 10 PC and use jabra 75t`s to listen to spotify as I ride. When I race WTRL I use discord aswell and currently have an aux mic which I can manually select as input in discord keeping jabras as output. If I select jabras for both Spotify cuts out when I speak (accounts not linked)

I dont mind investing in another set of headphones but interested what others do if racing with teamates wanting music & discord at same time whilst being able to speak without headwind not blasting into mic.


that might be a discord setting, or if jabra have a dedicated app (my sennheisers do) it might be a setting in that. also, it should be possible to connect them as music only instead of music and voice. i assume they wouldn’t cut out if they were connected as music only

Thanks, i dont use the jabra app and have mine set as output for jabra so i can hear everyone but if i set to input it cuts out,a quick google says its a common issue with spotify & discord just wondered how everyone else does it.

I have music playing from the external speakers on my PC, then use discord on my phone with headphones connected via bluetooth. The music is loud enough that i can still hear it even with headphones in and a big fan going as well.