Headsets for in-game chat?

Hi all,

I’m interested in trying Discord voice chats during group rides, and would like to buy a sweat-resistant headset with mic. Do you have any personal picks or pans for Zwifting?

Priorities for me:

  1. I’m thinking earbud type because the idea of sweating into on-the-ear or over-the-ear headsets is gross.

  2. Easy to mute / unmute the mic while riding.

  3. Lower cost to start with to see if this is something I’d do a lot. I have a nice set at work for web conferencing, but it’s too nice to work out with.

  4. Wired to a 3.5mm jack is ok if it’s cheaper than a Bluetooth set.

Thanks in advance for specific picks!

Any earbuds with a built in mic should be fine (like the classic white iPhone ones).

When in discord riding zwift, you will almost always use push-to-talk. Mute function won’t really be necessary.