Zwift games sounds after open companion app

If I start zwift on my PC and using discord on my mobile with my headset paired with mobile using BT, it’s all good. I hear no zwift game sounds in my headset.

If I start companion app, then I start to hear all the zwift sounds coming in my headset, very loud. I turned down the sound effects in zwift to 0 but no difference. Even if I close companion app and kill the process, I still hear the game sounds.

Any way to stop hearing the game sounds when companion app is open?

When being TC and trying to communicate with the team over Discord, all the game sounds coming out loud is a bit disturbing. Thank you

there is a setting in the companion app menu under notifications to play various game sounds, have you tried turning that off?

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Didn’t find it when I looked for it.
Gonna look again, better than last time.

Thanks worked for me! Had to scroll down to find it :+1: