Hanging on logon with iPhone

I went to log in today and Zwift is hanging on the login screen. I have tried rebooting my iPhone many times with no luck. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled. It then works the first go, but when I login again it hangs.

It was working fine on Saturday. I can login ok with my Android phone also.

Any clues?

It’s the update it bricks the app very every annoying a the app now unusable need to give us the old version back or fix this one quick

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Hopefully they will fix this rubbish iPhone update very soon.

I have managed to setup my old MacBook as a backup in the meantime.

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Just for information, I was able to login yesterday morning (the 21st Dec) without any issue, neither any slowness, and this morning, i was not able anymore, stuck at Login Screen. I read there was a maintenance performed this morning the 22-Dec at 3am UTC time… Maybe something went wrong during the maintenance?

I’m still having this problem on multiple iOS devices. I thought an iOS update would help but even after the 14.3 install this morning it still doesn’t work. Anybody have a solution yet?

I open a ticket yesterday and sent my log, I suggest everybody having this problem to open a ticket

I am having this issue as well. Have tried updating iOS on phone and watch, but still hanging. Only fix is to uninstall and reinstall. Works for one ride, then fails next time.

I found an issue on Support titled " Certain iOS Users Can’t Log In". It suggests that the hang has something to do with using the watch as a HR monitor and recommends not pairing the watch for HR until this is fixed. I have not tried this yet to see if it will work a second time.

This is pretty bad. I don’t feel like I should need to buy a separate HR monitor when I own an Apple watch. I don’ know if this is an Apple or Zwift issue, but please fix it soon. Doesn’t make sense to keep my paid subscription if this sort of thing continues.

Just my $0.02

Hi Lucas

Please open a ticket from Zwift website so they can see the impact


Hi Marcello,

I would be happy to. I have not opened a ticket on zwift before, and it is not obvious. The closest thing I can find is sending an email on the “contact us” page. Is this what you mean? If not, please let me know how to do this properly if you don’t mind.

UPDATE: I tried just sending an email from the contact us page and it doesn’t generate an email. It forces an automated chat which doesn’t seem useful. I see no mention of “tickets” anywhere on the page. FYI, followed a link in forum post titled “Need help with Zwift? Submit a support ticket!” to attempt.


Your not alone. Happening to me Mon/Tue and Wed. Expect the same tomorrow. (iphone app)

They update the app last Monday but is not fixing this problem …