Had to flag 2 flier totally intended

(Yang Zhao +1S A) #1

The 1st and 2nd jumped out as soon as the WBR ride started, kept their w/kg red for nearly 30mins. Every rider in this event can be witness.

Their username should be Yuuto Saitou and EIshin Kaneko

I really could not understand why they cheated in Zwift common event.

(Paul Allen) #2

Please read this post to ensure you are following the forums guidelines: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/201078465-Forum-Guidelines

Calling people out for suspected cheating is against forum guidelines.

(Ray Ruyack) #3

Have a look here as well - http://zwiftblog.com/zada/

(Kevin Nguyen) #4

there are people on zwift that are faster than you, deal with it.