Group rides - only group riders visible, or all?

I did a 7-day trial (now testing other apps before deciding on subscription). Did a couple of solo rides, one training ride, two group rides and one race. For the race, only race participants were visible - a very good thing, since you don’t want to lose the other participants in the mass of other riders, and have them affec drafting and tactics. For the group rides, one ended up that way - only participants visible - and the other not - we were swimming in the Zwift ocean. The former was way better than the latter, with nice groups and pacelines developing, without losing everyone.

This thus looks like an option the group ride organizer can select (or not)? Is there a way of identifying those group rides which “eliminate the crowd” ?

Zwifthacks has put together a highly configurable search app for Zwift events. Expand the search filters and look for “See Only Event Riders”.

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