Group rides not stopping

On group rides it gives a distance of say 10k group D but after 10k there is nothing to say it’s finished it just carries on, the orange and blue bars are at 50% so not sure how it works. Can anyone help

What sort of group ride? Can you give more details please, e.g. was this a public event (which one?), a club event, a Meetup, etc.

The Orange bar in the display is your progress to the next level so it is irrelevant to the group ride.

The Blue bar shows your progress in the group ride/race. To the right of the blue bar is the distance remaining in the event (or the time if it is a timed ride).

The distance you have traveled so far is in the top line in orange. It’s between your current speed and the amount of elevation you have climbed.

Are you talking about a 24/7 Group Ride? These have a distance listed but that is the distance of the route they are riding. There is no finish to RoboPacer rides (it’s why they are called 24/7). They continue riding laps around the route. You finish when ever you want.

Thanks I understand now. Much appreciated