Group position during race


Could you please add apart from the overall position in the race a position in the group. I think it’s even more important for everyone that the overall. Thanks!

The overall position is an amazing jump forward. 

You want to know your race position in all the A, B, C, D riders of that race? Why is that useful for? Shouldn’t better if you join a DECAT race like XRS DECAT series? Because if the draft, the only B riders you will find, are the one that get behind the main B group. 

Maybe i haven’t understand you completely. 


I think he meant the group on the rode.  The working groups that form during the race?  

I could see this being helpful at times.

Yes, if I registered for Group C it would be nice to see my position within this Group C and the gap from the leader of Group C. In order to understand if the small group in front is the leading one and I may try to push harder to catch them or they are going on 20th or 50th place. At least I couldn’t find such info when I participated in KISS Americas 100km last Sunday.

It’s like in Endurance motorsport racing - drivers of GT3 cars don’t care about their overall position in the race. Because obviously LMP1, GT1 cars are going in another pace. What makes sense for them - is how many GT3 cars are in front.