What position am I in this race?

I posted the same question recently, but nobody replied. So I’m reposting.

This is a screenshot of an ongoing race. Let’s say I’m “K. Veronneau” and I’m riding “C”. As you can see in the right part of the screen, I only see “E” riders in the list, so I don’t know if there’s anyone in front of me or behind me. I literally don’t know what position I’m in.

Is there any way that I can know what position I’m in with regards to the other “C” riders?


this appears to be a group ride, and not a race? if that’s the case, most group rides don’t show positions. it’s a casual jaunt with a group, so your position isn’t important

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So how does one know their position if it was a race?

If the race had separate starting pens for each group you will see your position on the right for your group, in this case A.

If it was a mass start event you will see your position for all riders.

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