Group activities crashing at the end on Apple devices

Hi Zwift,
Two days in a row now my riding friends and I have had group rides crash just after the finish for those using apple devices (macbooks and ipads). Others on other tech seemed to work fine. We’ve all been doing group rides with the same setup for weeks so it seems like the new update that has caused this problem

The rides are appearing in my feed by corrupted somehow
examples [forum won’t let me post actual links]: activity/734604774609943856

I have had the same thing occur

Been going through this maddening bug for weeks. Send an email to Zwift Support describing the whole process. They acknowledge receipt of my email, let see if they find a magic cure.

Interesting: we’ve been doing weekly meet ups and this weekend was the first time this hit. Happened to several of us so I assumed it must be a new change.

Happens to me only at end of group rides when I get my default jersey and just before the results of the ride are shown on screen. I am kicked out, loose my drops, no badges (if it us the case) and the ride is never saved with the exact name of the ride I just completed. It is a pain.