I bought a laptop for zwift but wouldn’t download because it said the graphics was out of date, updated but still wont work, sent computer back & am now buying one with AMD Radeon HD 4200M & 5000M  graphics, does any one know will this run zwift?

The HD 4200M series gets around 4-5 FPS (not really usable) while the 5000M gets around 20 FPS. I hope this helps!

Thanks jason would a laptop with this graphic card be better?

Radeon R7 2GB Graphics

kieran: You could look for the R7 systems on the link below to see the performance that Zwift users have gotten from that card with various CPUs.

Can i ask you budget for the laptop and are you only using it for zwift?

I only ask because a lot of low budget laptops either have a processor/graphics combined or the graphics is on the motherboard and is generally really weak. Hopefully i can direct you to what graphics cards to look for and avoid.

Thanks Daniel but i bought a new HP laptop at the week end & its now downloaded & working fine