AMD Radeon R7 M360

(ben bradford) #1


Is the Graphics card stated above sufficient for running zwift? 

Thanks in Advance


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Yes, that should work fine.

(ben bradford) #3

or would NVIDIA® GeForce® 920 4GB DDR3 work better? 

(John Olinski) #4

Just in case someone is searching for this answer. 

I refreshed my pc guts with:

AMD A10 7700k  APU  (it has the R7 radeon on board graphics card) so i was able to forego the expense of a separate video card. 

8 gb ram 

 Gigabyte mobo 

I’m not computer tech but i can plug and play with the best. I see moonlight shadows glare off the road in the sunshine. Everthing seems smooth.