Graphics quality on Apple TV 4K 2022

Only Zwift can really answer that question, but my impression is that any talk of updating the ATV graphics is pretty much just lip service. There appear to be too many other things that are deemed ‘more important’ than that. Zwift may shock us with a graphics change at some point, but I certainly don’t have my fingers crossed.

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As @Nigel_Tufnel said, I was saying that I don’t have any issues with glitching or large group rides on my ATV. If you have some issues then there’s something wrong there.

I don’t understand what you mean about “some parts of some worlds are just not worth riding in” if that’s related to the platform. Could you give some examples?

The ATV currently only has the basic graphics, but that’s absolutely fine with me.


They have hinted that something better might be coming for Apple TV, but never promised what would happen or when. Given the problems many people are having with Apple TV in Neokyo it might be problematic to make the device work any harder without first getting some efficiency gains.

Assuming your system is unreliable when you’re not in Makuri, you might also consider doing a factory reset of the device. Also, terminate the app every time you stop using it.

@Nigel_Tufnel @Steve_Hammatt @Paul_Southworth Thanks for all the helpful input so far, I’ll take a crack at resetting everything again and maybe that will do the trick.

Steve, to answer your question - Makuri is a great example of a world that glitches up but for example fuego flats is usually ok, but then going into titans grove and things just become a lot choppier. I hope this provides a bit more insight.

I’ve not noticed Titan’s Grove being choppy and I’ve ridden there a lot (though not so much recently)

Where in Makuri exactly does yours “gltich up”, amd what exactly happens? I ride in Makuri most of the time these days and haven’t noticed any issues.

The instability for ATV and iPad systems in Makuri/Neokyo only just started recently - I’m estimating after their recent (1.47?) updates to natively support Mac M1/M2. I suspect something got broken for the other Apple platforms.

You do have the most recent updates, correct? I know that Zwift supposedly addressed some of the crashing issues for ‘low memory’ iPadOS and tvOS devices just recently, to try to combat some of the crashing issues.

Also, I don’t know of a way to clear RAM on tvOS, but on iPadOS this supposedly works:

Press volume down
Press volume up
Press and hold power
When the slider to power off appears, instead of doing that press and hold the Home button until the screen locks/resets/shows the time/whatever.
Unlock the iPad
Start Zwift

I have been doing this for the past couple of weeks and have not had any crashes, even in Makuri. Whether it’s this ‘hack’, or just that the updates are actually working, I cannot say. (But, of course, now that I have posted this I will probably have a crash today!!)

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Thanks for the tips and tricks @Nigel_Tufnel :ok_hand:t2:

Any updates from Zwift Staff about future upgrades of newer Apple TV editions?

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