Graphics card switching?

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Not sure if this should go in General Discussion but here goes.

I recently bought a Dell laptop with an Nvidia MX250 dedicated graphics card with 2GB of memory. I’ve since learned that while doing normal tasks like word processing or emailing the computer actually uses the integrated UHD graphics to limit power consumption. When I use Zwift I would prefer to use the MX250 card…kinda one of the reasons to have a dedicated card. So does my laptop know (or does Zwift tell it) to switch to the MX250 card? Or is there something I have to do to tell my laptop to use the MX250 card when I’m running Zwift?

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It should be automatic. However, you can always go to the Nvidia Control Panel and make it the default for everything and/or default on a per program basis (e.g., Zwift)

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Out of interest, what sort of performance do you get from the mx250?

Curious how it compares with an iPad graphics quality and frame rate wise!

Don’t know off the top of my head. I’ve uploaded a few logs to zwiftalizer so you might be able to find my results there. Never used an iPad before.

Ta - zwiftalyser has taken down all the comparative side of things, so can only see your own data…

Really? That’s a bummer. I’ll try and upload my latest log and let you know what I find.

Here’s a readout from a recent log.

Nice one! Looks pretty similar FPS to the iPad (2018) and I think same profile…