Getting new laptop, questions about GPU

Getting a new laptop soon, and Zwift will be the only game I play.

I will be getting an Ultrabook as I need to use it for work and I also need to carry it on my back (it’ll be plugged into a large screen at home when I zwift)

Needs to be lightweight, but I’m wondering about the GPU requirement.
Would something like an nVidia MX150 or MX250 do ok?
What about a straight i7 CPU with the Intel 620?

Really kinda torn right now. Would love to hear some experiences. Thanks.

MX150 and MX250 will be ok, much better than Intel 620.

Still don’t expect u’ll be running it at 1080p or 4k… but otherwise it will run great.

Don’t of course expect to be able to run it via battery only as it will eat it in no time, no matter how good or big the battery.

An i7 compared to i5 won’t make much of a difference in this case, nVidia graphic card will get you more.

But if you’re going for a 13" ultrabook you might have an issue finding one with mx150 or mx250.

This link might be a good reference also: