Graphics Card - is mine just not powerful enough?

I have a 7 year old Dell XPS Studio


It has a dedicated graphics card - Nvida Geoforce 310.


The graphics stutter a bit and not smooth.  I assume its the graphics card. I’ve turned it down to low and medium resolution - no difference.   I bought a cheap Dell Computer recently with a dedicated card and it runs beautifully.  However, I really prefer to use this compater (due to location).    Is there perhaps a setting I need to change on my comuter or perhaps its my processor or is it that hte graphics card is just too slow / not powerful enough and I shoudl upgrade. If I should upgrade, is there a recommend card maybe under $50 that I should get.  All I do on cmoputer is zwfit and internet surfing.


Here are specs of current graphics card…



GPU Engine Specs

CUDA Cores


Graphics Clock (MHz)


Processor Clock (MHz)


Memory Specs

Memory Clock


Standard Memory Config

512MB or 1 GB DDR2

Memory Interface Width


Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)


Here are the minimum specs for using Zwift:

This link should help you in choosing the recommend video card for Zwift:

Mate, in computer terms that card is ancient, it’s like trying to run the latest phone apps on an iPhone 3GS - it isn’t going to manage.

I run a GTX 960, which is probably a good 30x more powerful, but you don’t need that unless you’re running very high resolutions.  You can buy yourself something budget, like a GT 1030, you’ll get much better results.

Had the same problem and couldnt justify buying a new laptop as thats all i used it for, so rather than by a laptop decent enough to run zwift (min £600) i bought an apple tv 4k instead . Less than £200 and runs zwift perfectly smooth with good graphics.