Gradual increase in power in a ramp up

Back in the ye olden days when I was using Trainer Road if you had a ramp up in power it would literally count up 1W every few seconds, and ERG mode would be modified so that you’re power was gradually increasing all the time without you even noticing.

In Zwift I have a 10 minute workout that I just have as a progression from 80-120 watts to make sure I have a proper warmup then goes into normal ride mode. But it doesn’t gradually increase, it goes from 80 to 100 to 120. I would be better if it would gradually increase the entire time.

Agree, the low resolution on ramps is pretty frustrating.  It is a step up rather than a ramp up.

Oct 2017, and I have also just hit this problem…

Guess this is not a priority.
I can make a workout with power steps of 5W, so the ramp should at least be able to drop to that resolution

I couldn’t agree more. The resolution on steady state is 5W while on ramp up (and down) it’s 20W, it doesn’t make any sense. On top of that a ramp up color is always gray whatever the percentage of power… Trainer Road is much better on this.