Power on races

Hello, I’m new to Zwift and this might be obvious, but I joined a crit race and was unable to control my power on the race. The power ramped up so much that I could barely pedal. How is this controlled?

Apologies if this is obvious.


What are the details of your setup?

Thanks Steve! When you say set up, what do you mean? I added in my FTP, my age, my weight etc, but I feel I may have missed something maybe here.

By setup we mean what trainer do you use. I suppose that by ‘power ramping up’ you mean the resistance of your trainer increasing and it happened on a climb, right? Have you experienced this problem before, on other climbs? Maybe the gradient of that particular climb in the race was too much for you? Check the ‘trainer difficulty’ slider in your settings (accessible in the menu while riding). Changing it’s value changes how accurately your trainer simulates the gradient change. If it’s on Max, you’ll feel the full equivavalent of a 6% climb on your legs. If it’s in the middle, the resistance will be halved (3%). And if you put the slider all the way to the left the gradient simulation will be off.