Goal Progress Reset

I started an “Everest Climb” goal. A week or so ago I had completed 90% of it. Now it says I’ve only completed 17%. What happened?

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I could be wrong, but this is likely to be related to the dual nature of the ‘Climb Mt. Everest’ Challenge.

You complete the first part of the Challenge, i.e. climbing to the summit of Everest, by putting in 8,850 m (29,028 ft) of vertical gains. If I remember correctly, you win an (in-game) Trek Emonda frame for doing that.

The climbing doesn’t stop there. If you stay on the Challenge, you continue accumulating vertical metres/feet and the goal becomes much greater: 50,000 metres (164,041 ft), which nets you the famous glowing Tron bike when you finally get there.

So, if you were at around 90% of the Challenge, that works out as around 7,965 metres. Add a bit more climbing, get past the summit of Everest, and you’re now around 17% of the BIG goal. Happy climbing!

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It all checks out, Donald: you unlocked the Trek Emonda on Sunday while coming down the from the Epic KOM. Ride On :ride_on:

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ok thanks. guess i was expecting confetti or something.