Global Bike Festival- workouts and group ride but not for all

I got the email about the Global Bike Festival and the workouts But like most of the announcements, there is no information about the type of workout. Also, it’s called a social group ride which is not a workout. And the social rides are C level- so they’re not for the whole community.

So not only is it confusing, it’s disappointing that the whole community cannot do this. Because I’m certainly not a C rider.

Hi Deborah

Any chance you can post the email here, I never even received the email?
Maybe I was meant to sign up to something?


It’s this: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

The workouts for tomorrow are E level in the companion app, the workout at least at 5 PM CET seems to be this one: Zwift workouts: GCN » Flat Out Fast » VO2 & AC | What's on Zwift?

Seriously Zwift, you have to make these event series more discoverable!

That’s a Dan Lloyd GCN workout.

Currently, one of my “favourites”. It’s a real ball-buster :open_mouth:

Ollie Bridgeweeod is first up as it says in the email

does nobody check names at zhq?

Afraid I haven’t been involved in these, so can’t really comment on marketing activity.

A slightly easier way to find them: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

I’ll pass on feedback about the typo.

This isn’t the first time that there’s been a disconnect between the marketing department and the events team.