Giving Healthworkers on Zwift a prize

I recently joined Zwift’s SRAM women’s tour. When joining the first stage with Alice Barnes it quickly became clear that allot of the riders in the group were in fact healthcare workers from the frontline of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Including myself. Joining these two group rides gives you a chance to win a prize (sram groupset), and that gave me an idea. Wouldn’t it be cool to give one of these amazing nurses/doctors/ambulance people and so on a chance to win a prize as well?

Just a thought I wanted to share. Hoping you take it on board team Zwift🤞🏻

Hi @Kate_Patricia_Sherif, welcome to the forums. I like your idea, but I think it will be very difficult to verify that whomever is in the event or wins the prize is an actual front-line healthcare worker. How would Zwift be able to vet all the users who enter the ride or tour from across the globe? This would be very resource intense I think.

Thank you, stay safe! I also work in healthcare, but not front-line. I’m in a support role, supply chain, trying to find and source PPE supplies for the local hospital.

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