Giant RideSense and Ant+ USB compatibility??

Just tried to use my road bike, equipped with a Giant RideSense speed/cadence sensor, but Zwift couldn’t see the sensor.

Using a standard Ant+ USB dongle to link to PC, which works fine when I use the track bike (because it’s equipped with a Garmin GSC-10 sensor).

Anyone else had this issue/know of a workaround/know of a different USB dongle that’ll pick up the GSC-10 and the RideSense sensor, so I’m not stuck using a single speed bike on Zwift island (and having to spin at well over 100rpm all the time!)



P.S. I’m on rollers, so can’t send any additional signal using that.

Hi Matt,

Quick question: are you picking “Not Listed” as your trainer when using the GSC-10 in Zwift? We do not support rollers without a power meter at this time and I believe your power output would be inaccurate.

As for the Giant RideSense, we don’t have any in the office to test so I can’t help answer that question unfortunately. We’ll look into getting one for internal testing.

Before we order a Giant RideSense, can you swap the batteries in it to be sure that’s not the issue? The sensors should work, so it’s surprising that it’s not.

Reply to question 1 - Yes, I’m using the “not listed” option with my rollers and GSC-10. The speed/cadence/power output might not be spot on but it looks pretty accurate to what I’d do on a real road or track.

Reply to question 2 - The RideSense kit is definitely working fine with good batteries because it’s what I use every day on my road bike. In that scenario I have the sensor hooked up to a Garmin 500, so I know the sensor isn’t an issue.

And, as mentioned earlier, I know the Ant+ USB dongle also works fine because it picks up the GSC-10, so I can only presume it’s the RideSense not commnicating properly with the Ant+ USB dongle.

It may be your ANT+ USB dongle. Zwift requires a USB2 dongle so if you have an older USB1, Zwift won’t pick it up.

I’m using Giant RideSense on Elite Rollers with a standard Ant+ USB stick.Had no trouble pairing up and seems pretty accurate.