Giant RideSense and Ant+ USB compatibility??

(Matt Hallett) #1

Just tried to use my road bike, equipped with a Giant RideSense speed/cadence sensor, but Zwift couldn’t see the sensor.

Using a standard Ant+ USB dongle to link to PC, which works fine when I use the track bike (because it’s equipped with a Garmin GSC-10 sensor).

Anyone else had this issue/know of a workaround/know of a different USB dongle that’ll pick up the GSC-10 and the RideSense sensor, so I’m not stuck using a single speed bike on Zwift island (and having to spin at well over 100rpm all the time!)



(Matt Hallett) #2

P.S. I’m on rollers, so can’t send any additional signal using that.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Matt,

Quick question: are you picking “Not Listed” as your trainer when using the GSC-10 in Zwift? We do not support rollers without a power meter at this time and I believe your power output would be inaccurate.

As for the Giant RideSense, we don’t have any in the office to test so I can’t help answer that question unfortunately. We’ll look into getting one for internal testing.

(Jason K) #4

Before we order a Giant RideSense, can you swap the batteries in it to be sure that’s not the issue? The sensors should work, so it’s surprising that it’s not.

(Matt Hallett) #5

Reply to question 1 - Yes, I’m using the “not listed” option with my rollers and GSC-10. The speed/cadence/power output might not be spot on but it looks pretty accurate to what I’d do on a real road or track.

Reply to question 2 - The RideSense kit is definitely working fine with good batteries because it’s what I use every day on my road bike. In that scenario I have the sensor hooked up to a Garmin 500, so I know the sensor isn’t an issue.

And, as mentioned earlier, I know the Ant+ USB dongle also works fine because it picks up the GSC-10, so I can only presume it’s the RideSense not commnicating properly with the Ant+ USB dongle.

(Scott) #6

It may be your ANT+ USB dongle. Zwift requires a USB2 dongle so if you have an older USB1, Zwift won’t pick it up.

(Joao Paulo Rego) #7

I’m using Giant RideSense on Elite Rollers with a standard Ant+ USB stick.Had no trouble pairing up and seems pretty accurate.