Giant Gravel Crushers - cap not unlocked

I completed one event in the Giant Gravel Crushers series and received email saying the backwards cap was unlock but I can’t find it in my garage.

Anyone else have this problem?

Hi Sharon,

I’m looking into this for you.

The events aren’t set up to have a cap awarded, but I’m trying to find out how/why that was missed.

from ZwiftInsider:

Cap Unlock

Men will score the backward Giant cap and women will snag the backward Liv cap upon completing a race.

@Sharon_Woo are you looking for the Liv cap or the Giant cap?

It’s the Liv cap I’m looking for

Thanks for confirming, I guess both caps weren’t setup to unlock then it seems.

Same problem here, did both races tonight and no cap in garage.
Also received an email to say cap had been unlocked, but no cap.

Hi @Sharon_Woo

As a general rule, we recommend that you contact Zwift support because they’re the only ones who can explore the possibility of crediting your account for any in-game items that didn’t unlock.

You can contact us here.

Did anyone get this kit?

Did not receive also.

I just want to be like my hero, backwards hat Dylan, but now I never will. Sad face.

Embrace your inner Dylan and go and do 4x8min VO2 Max intervals with equal recovery periods to make up for it. :wink:

Thank you.
Hmmm. Suddenly these event settings were fixed.
Perhaps the kit will be unlocked at events after next week.

Noone will have received the cap.

Anyone taking part in any future events will receive the cap.

Please contact support to get these credited to you - awfully sorry it happened in the first place.

Thanks for following up on this. I have emailed support.