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I just upgraded to an indoor bike, from my bicycle being on a ‘dumb’ trainer. I have done the trial on Zwift. I like it so far but it is a little overwhelming. I want to ride to stay in shape and fun. There seem to be a lot of groups, is there a list of groups? Would any fit that criteria? Also, it can be confusing, just starting out, all abbreviations for the Data that’s on the screen… Is there a Key for that information? Are there achievements one can earn? I know it’s silly but I like even getting the little awards on my Apple Watch; for me it’s motivating. Does Zwift check those boxes? :ballot_box_with_check::thinking: Thanks.

I can tell you that there a lots of little achievements to unlock as well as kits, bikes, and wheel sets. As for groups, you can try your luck out by joining up for various groups rides in the events page of the website or the zwift companion app. As for data on the screen you have heart rate, cadence, power, time remaining (for workouts and group rides), time elapsed, minimap with gradient, xp bar, and on the left are personal best times for those riding, and on the right as current riders and runners in your vicinity. Someone more helpful will probably have a screen shot with labels but I am too lazy for that.

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The fun about Zwift is learning as you go on.

This link helped me when I started. It is older but a lot is still helpful.

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