Now what?

I’m very new to Zwift and have successfully connected my Android phone with my non TFT 2 ICG Life Fitness IC6 sp I n bike. Now what??? Please offer some advice and ideas. Thanks Zwift users!

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I would say just ride a bit and explore the wonderful world of Zwift.

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Hey Raymond, it depends what you want to do and how serious you want to get.

I’ve been using it since the start of lockdown in the UK and I’m still a very basic “player”. I use it mostly for fitness but learnt a lot by joining the virtual cycling club that a keen cyclist relative of mine posted about on Facebook. I say I use it mostly for fitness but I’ve taken a few breaks from it since joining and never yet managed to finish one of the built in workout regimes. I used to ride to work and since working from home that is what I started doing on Zwift.

If you know others who use Zwift you can ride with them or arrange a public or private event for people to join.

Something you might like to look into is ZwiftPower. Once you have registered and managed to pair your new ZwiftPower account with your Zwift account (it’s a bit of process and I can’t remember how I did mine - instructions are online though) you can get into all sorts of different styles of riding such as competetive racing to social ride out events. I believe the chat function in Zwift is always available but some have audio/video meetings set up so everyone gets to hear/watch everyone else suffer. Most events are segregated in categories so you can ride with like ability riders. I’m not into comptetitive riding, yet, preferring the social rides and I use the companion app so that chatting with other riders around me is convenient.

I don’t have much more to tell you than this I’m afraid.

Good luck and enjoy!

Hi Dave, thanks for your great input! It is really helpful for me. I’m not into competitive road racing but I will definitely checkout the social riding for a change of scenery. I’m more of a competitive studio spin rider so I have signed up for the Peloton lite membership for those without a Peloton bike. Indoors I ride a Life Fitness IC6 bike. I ride outdoors on a road and mountain bike. Thanks again and see you out there!