Generic turbo trainer setup - speed too slow

Hi all. So lock down is in place and its time to dust off the turbo.

Usually when Out riding I have the wahoo telling me cadence and speed through wahoo ANT+ type sensors.

Our TT is just a basic one. I’ve added the sensors in Zwift. And after choosing speed sensor. I get a list of TT to chose. Ive tried a few but the speeds are well under compared to the accurate reading from my wahoo.

Anyone found a accurate TT that matches back to your actual speed?

There should be an unsupported trainer in the list.

You cannot compare the speed that you Wahoo is showing and Zwift, they will hardly ever match.

Is that the same with all trainers then?

I guess in swift it’s all relative. Whatever that means. Lol

Ok, I wish I was at work so I could copy and paste.

Speed within Zwift for a classic trainer like yours is calculated like this: Zwift takes your rear wheel speed and the power curve of the trainer you choose and converts that to watts, with those watts, weight entered, height entered, in game drafting, in game bike, in game wheels set, in game surface and virtual elevation changes your speed is determined.

Again ignore what your Wahoo is displaying

Hope I didn’t miss anything since I’m currently Zwifting.


See this for more information.