My hometrainer

Elite qubo power smart b+

Hi @Patrick_Goncalves welcome to Zwift forums.

What brand / model of trainer is it?

No, you should actually just leave it at the prescribed level and just shift gears.

Elite qubo power mag smart b+

but on the game screen where can I see where to change the resistance? I’m new in the game


The prescribed level for various Elite trainers is on this support page.


OK, first I am going to post this:

For virtual power like yours:

Zwift takes the wheel speed broadcast by your speed sensor and the power curve of the trainer you select on the Pairing Screen and converts that to virtual watts. With those watts, the weight entered, height entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting (Tri and TT bikes get no drafting boost), in-game wheel set, in-game road surface, and in-game virtual elevation changes your in-game speed is determined.

Ok with that little bit of info if you want to go faster you just shift your bike to increase the watts. On the upper right-hand side you will see a map while in-game and it will have the % of elevation you are currently doing.

If you are also connecting the trainer to a bike computer make sure you setup a profile that does not display speed or distance, it will hardly ever match Zwift.

I mean where the elevation indicates, if I put 3% there, I will have to put it on level 3 of my hometrainer

No, you should level it at the prescribed setting since that is where the power curve was calculated from. You should ONLY shift the gears on your bike to increase or decrease watts.

Might need @Gerrie_Delport to better explain it.


it’s true my hometrainer has potentiometer, speed and cadence

Hi @Patrick_Goncalves

Reading true the conversation I gather that you have set your trainer as a classic trainer Like this image.

When using the classic trainer setting zwift tell you on what resistance setting to set the trainer. The reason for this is Zwift have a Power/speed curve programmed into the software, each trainer has one power/speed curve programmed. If you use a different resistance setting then Zwift wont know it and your power numbers will be wrong.

The Power/speed curve look typicaly like this: (This is a random trainer curve, I dont have your trainer curve)

The way it work is your speed sensor will tell Zwift your wheel speed, lest say 30km/h then using the curve Zwift will see that 30km/h = 350w

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hello gerrie my hometrainer has potentiometer, cadence and speed incorporated, they are unique and simply the resistance levels are manual.