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Are these club activities going to be associated with group rides? As we know most group rides are to some extent run by clubs and to have a management system in the club management tools to set leaders and sweeps quickly and easily would be a huge benefit to not only the leaders but the rides themselves. A club would be able to help manage and promote their rides on a regular bases or at leas set the tone of the events and form their on structure of helpers for ongoing continuity.

A potential feature that would be awesome down the pipeline - I’m working on investigating the options I have to organize group races for collegiate racers whose season has been canceled, and have been colaborating with conference directors, team coaches, and athletes to gather interest and come up with a schedule.I could easily see the potential for club adminstrators to create club-internal events being applied to this based on what I’ve seen with Club Jarvis so far.

Maybe having members join with their school in their username, and then all joining one collegiate conference would be the easiest, and then create a private race that only collegiate athletes/members of a specific conference could participate in?

Maybe you guys know if this functionality exists externally on something like zwiftpower, but could also see a workaround being if we all participated in existing events/a meetup, to get meetup results on zwiftpower or sort results post-race by a team that all the collegiate athletes are in for some kind of a series-long ranking?

At this time what is the thinking behind who will be able to create events and will there still be a need to send invites? The 50 invite limit is starting to really hurt. Love where this is going! TY!

Our thinking about how we enable more event/meetup leaders to build bigger events is still evolving. As you can imagine, the amount of new users on the platform who are looking to ride with others is significant right now. The things we’ve been planning and building for Clubs has been in the works for a lot longer than the current spike.

If we pivot now to react to the change in how users are riding together, it will take a little for that to make its way into the platform.

As you may have seen in the most recent patch notes, we’re already working on some quality of life improvements for meetups and we have more planned for sure.


Is there a plan for meetups that you can disable all other riders , so you can only see the meetup riders?


We are investigating this as well but we need to ensure that we don’t have a significant number of users riding in an “empty” world just because they showed up to a 5 person meetup and got dropped in the first 10 minutes.

Ok, but in my sight there is too much crowd. When you join or organize a meet up you should nearly know how strong the riders are. And there is the good option “rubber band”
The last meet ups I organized it was nearly impossible to find the other riders. My mean orientation was the list with +- second.

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I guess the option to see other riders could be a toggle for each member of a meetup.

So you could choose to only see your meetup, but if you end up riding alone off the back (or front), you could enable other riders again so you’ve got company.

@Daren this is brilliant, this can be also used in free rides or group rides, if you start in a huge ride you can turn off all riders so your system can cope with the graphics at the start, or if you want to do a workout alone in the world.
You should move it to a feature request!


Maybe I should!

I mean, it seems to be the code is almost all there already. Races and group rides already hide people who suddenly appear again as soon as the event is over.


I use the disconnect the network card trick, but that also disconnects the ZCA which sucks.

Multiple instances of worlds could also help with that issue.

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So only one club membership at a time? I think this will lead to some serious drama. People active on Facebook are likely members of multiple, and in some cases many. For example, I’m a member of USMES and two others, and now Jarvis.

How will i decided where my Kilometers go?

I can’t wait to see the Facebook drama that will ensue when this goes live. I’m ordering popcorn from Costco now! :stuck_out_tongue:

As I understand it, you can be a member of multiple clubs at the same time. You’ll be able to take part in any of their events etc.

The choice for each ride is just down to which club gets the distance credit for that session. But yeah, could be hard to choose. =)

I guess we have to wait and see what benefits or perks there are for clubs that level up, and how long it takes for a club to level up.

I’d hope there would be some sort of scaling if there are perks based on club level. I don’t think it’s really fair if a huge club (like DIRT) can attain a level and perks that are out of reach for a local cycling club that might never have more than 200 members for example.

Good point. It’ll be interesting to know how granular Zwift allow this to go, because a big focus up to now has been on actual IRL clubs being able to get on to replace their IRL activities. Loads of people who know each other already.

But what about Zwift-only clubs, intended to fill specific community requirements - say Neo-only racing clubs, or a club catering for UK-based working mums etc etc. Will that kind of thing be permitted, and if so how will it be moderated? Will there be a minimum number of members, for example?

Hi Wes, I’m keen to implement zwift into my local schools however i’m needing some advice about settings so kids can only able to interact with other students within zwift. Also, i need to know if there are any education packages re memberships. ie. Would each user need to pay for a membership? I want to give everyone in the schools a go on the bikes, and then find the core groups of enthusiastic kids (maybe 20 at each school) and set them up with daily/weekly goals to improve their personal best etc. Can you send me some info on how to implement Zwift in schools… or give me a phone number within australia to ring to chat about it? Who is your rep in australia?