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It might be a good idea to have a topic for general questions about club functionality.

I am curious about the thinking behind having to associate each activity with one (or no) club. Wouldn’t most people want each activity to be associated with all their clubs? It adds another bit of complexity for what user benefit? Maybe you want to limit the number of clubs to which someone can belong.

I’d guess this depends on where “Clubs” is going.

Look at a game such as World of Warcraft for example. That has “guilds” within it, which are groups people can join. Once in a guild, the things you did contributed to “guild experience”. So slaying a dungeon boss, winning a battle scenario etc. As the guild got XP and leveled up it unlocked guild perks. Guild levels don’t exist in WoW any more, but you can read about them here: Guild advancement | WoWWiki | Fandom and Guild perks | WoWWiki | Fandom

If our rides contribute to a club level, it makes sense that we can only contribute to one club’s advancement at a time.

Another way of looking at it is entering an IRL event. You can only ride for one team/club in that event. And so any “club ranking points” on offer would go to that club, even if you were also a second claim or casual member of another club.


While the IRL event analogy is imperfect, if they are going the World of Warcraft route, then I can see it making sense. That would be a significant shift toward gamification.

Clubs and members within clubs will progress through a system much like Zwifters do today with the XP based leveling system. For that to work, you will need to associate your activities with a specific club.

It may seem odd right now since we haven’t released the progression system yet, but trust me … it’s gonna be pretty cool. :slight_smile:


I guess it depends on the type of club you belong to and the events you do.

I was thinking of something like the Ironman Rankings that my tri club takes part in. =)

Of course, points based on race results aren’t the same as XP generated by riding in the game; but as Zwift roll out better race categorisation controls, I could see a day when race results do contribute to your club.

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Is there any information available on Club Events yet? Will they be private to the club, public, the choice of the event organizer, or something else? Who sets up a club event? Is it along the lines of a meetup?

As grateful as I am that Zwiftpower exists and contributes to the community, this has potential to be such a better experience for club management. excited to see the progression system and incentives for riding in a club. It would be great to have a “Club Garage”, where the team earns drops together as well and equipment is bought and used when participating together. :thinking:


More information about how club events and club organization will work will come once we get all of the Club Jarvis invites out and validate the core features we have released so far. :ride_on:


I like the idea that I might belong to many clubs but I can only contribute to one of them at a time. BUT, I also belong to a local “fun club”, “race club”, and I organize a team that typically does several week long rides every year. I would like to contribute to them all equally. I’m hearing it already, “when you ride, you are not riding in 3 places at once.” Yes correct, but can I creat a distribution of say 10,40,50% to the respective groups?

Just throwing it out there.

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Will it be possible to belong to multiple clubs and have your activities show up in each club even if you are not “contributing” your ride to the club totals? Otherwise, within the clubs you are not “contributing” to it will look like you stopped riding (even though you continue ride).

Only activities that you contribute to the club will show up in the club activity feed.:ride_on:

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Ok, thanks. I was assuming Zwift’s clubs would be similar to Strava’s clubs, but it sounds like Zwift is going for a different type of club experience (perhaps related to the forthcoming progression system, which sounds interesting).

Yes we’re going for something uniquely Zwifty. :ride_on:

Zwift Clubs will certainly share similarities to other club systems in athletics and video games, but we’re looking to make something all our own.


Curoius- I see “club events”-- are those private events that only the club members can attend? Is allowing club members to create their own private races a functionality that might be added when this is out of beta?

Hi Wes: Do you have a cutoff number for Zwift IDs that will be invited to Jarvis? I’m in, but lots of folks are asking and I wanted to pass on the info. Thanks.

Yes the cut off is in the mid 56,000’s


So I’m a beta tester for clubs, I have the clubs button on my companion app, how do I create a club?

You can’t, at the moment there is only one club and that’s Club Jarvis.


Thanks Mate

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