Gear Change Sound Effect while climbing

OK so I can understand a few gear change SFX when the gradient changes dramatically.

However I’m finding that riding long climbs I am bombarded by gear change SFX and it’s doing my head in. Is this just me?

IRL once you’re on a climb I found you lock into your gear and grind away only changing gear if there’s about a big change. However zwift logic seems to dictate that riders are not always changing down gear the whole way up the climb.

The result is riding the serene AdZ is ruined by the constant and very loud gear change clunks in some cases multiple times per second.

Can someone please fix this so the sound triggers about 90-95% less often?

The sound effects in Zwift appear to be badly broken at the moment, and this sounds like yet another example.

See Game Sounds messed up after update [January 2022]

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