GDPR and Zwift Clubs

We have a situation within our club where the issue of GDPR has been raised. We don’t have a GDPR policy and we don’t keep membership details other than those logged on ZP. We do keep data for managing the various teams we have for the events on Zwift (ZRL, TTT, Mad Mondays, DBR Suffer Day league…etc) , some centrally as a team and others by individuals in the team. I’m certain we are doing the same things as most other teams.

What do other teams do? Do your teams/clubs have a GDPR policy?

Hey Stu, I’d like to help, with the disclaimer that I am not your attorney and am not providing legal advice. This link may be helpful to you: Who does the data protection law apply to? | European Commission. I would guess few Zwift clubs have been established as “a company or entity” in the EU. A person helping to run a club seems more like an activity “by a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity,” namely socializing with like-minded people (Art. 2 GDPR - Material scope - Cheers.