When are you finally implement GDPR????

… so we can all use zwiftpower like it was before.

We’ve got an update on that progress! Check out the official word here https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360012775451-Updates-to-our-3rd-Party-API-Progress-ZwiftPower-CVR-ZwiftGPS-

There is another solution, why not bring Zwiftpower back for all none EU users. This GDPR does not impact the World just the European Union. 

Andre - not a viable option. It would be a shambles. Just be patient.

It won’t be long. We’re just working through the final tests to ensure the new API is as reliable as possible. We still don’t have an officially determined release date, but we should really soon.

Nigel, calm down, I was just stating facts. its all good. Zwift will soon have things going again and everybody is happy.

Probably more calm about things than you appeared to be with your wacky suggestion. But yeah zwiftpower will be back up and running again. I’ve already agreed to the data sharing at https://my.zwift.com/profile/connections

Ride on.

Considering the EU Directive has been available for development for nearly 2 years, shame on Zwift for waiting until GDPR implementation to begin working on API changes for 3rd parties. ZP and others rely in Zwift API to do what Zwift will not: Compile and present race data, and enforce racing rules (i.e., DQing paying customers for breaking race protocols). 

Racing may not be Zwift’s priority, but is certainly is the priority of the several teams established within the community.At least 2 and perhaps more spring race series have been abandoned, which is a slap in the face to paying customers who participate. Adding insult to injury, there is zero guarantee that past results stored by third parties will still be available…thanks guys…nothing like busting my ass, paying for the privilege and being told that the only source for historical data is NOT the company I’m paying 

Great post Jim. Put in words exactly how I and undoubtedly others feel. 


Come me on Zwift, sort it out. 

Jim… great post. I almost wrote the same post. The spec. for this has been out for a long time. I’m frankly surprised zwift does take racing more seriously.