GCN Tractor pull workout

Hi all,
I know its something I’m not doing right but during the tractor pull workout it asks you to do 30 second bursts of 550 watts which in itself is fine however it also says you need to do this at 50rpm my problem is I can only do one or the other either hit the wattage or the rpm what am I doing wrong ?




Are you using ERG mode? If so, Zwift will automatically adjust the resistance so that you don’t have to change anything except for your cadence. 

I thought I was however if I stay in the same gear and pedal slower to reduce cadence the power drops to approx 250 so can’t work it out

Like Tyler said, in training (ERG Mode) the KICR will automatically adjust the resistance, so simply drop down to your hardest gear (Biggest ring in the front, smallest ring in the back) and you should be able to hit the 50 cadence quite easily.  In fact, you MAY even see youself get into the 40’s! You can then adjust accordingly to get to 50 RPM