When I’m riding on zwift using the zwift hub I save the data and it gets sent to garmin connect. But the garmin watch and garmin connect do not take the workouts into account when it comes to recovery, training load etc…health stats.

Do I have to run the workout from the watch? I assumed if workout is uploaded into garmin connect it will take it into its calculations for the health stats.

How are you transferring health stats to garmin so that the anticity is taken account.

Thanks for any advice

What Garmin watch do you own? If it supports power meters, add the Zwift Hub as a “Power Meter” type sensor via ANT+ to the watch. Do not add it as a “Controllable” trainer as you don’t want the watch taking over control of the Zwift Hub.

Use your Garmin device to log the activity in addition to Zwift being the device controlling the trainer. Do NOT link your Zwift and Garmin accounts as that would result in a “double log entry” in Garmin.

You will have to go back and edit the Garmin entry to match the distance and elevation gain in Zwift as they won’t match. However, the ride time, power and HR data will be a close match.

I have Enduro 2

Great. Thanks for the advice. I have linked zwift with gamin Connect and the data transferred does not have any health impact. So I have to unlick and follow your advice and see how it works out,

It should and does for me on my Epix2 and Edge 530.

Someone else had a similar problem and it wasn’t working for them (I think) because they hadn’t recorded a workout directly on the watch first which I guess you have to do. Maybe that’s the same for you?

I have not used the watch so far. Only after my ride I have uploaded the workout to garmin connect, But once in garmin connect it has no impact to the heath stats as if nothing was done. It just shows the workout data but no change in health info.

I thought this changed recently? As long as you have heart rate and power on your zwift ride it should have training effect.

The picture is from a ride imported directly from zwift and shows training effect.

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Yes the info does get transferred from zwift to garmin connect.

But garmin does not take the workout and calculate “recovery, training readiness or any other health data.

It’s just shows your workout info but not what impact it has on your health stat

I do have power and HR on zwift.
But as someone mentioned power etc needs to be on watch it seems for it to work in garmin connect?

Go back and read James’ post about needing a “seed” ride recorded on the watch. That appears to be the fix.