Garmin vivosport connection to Zwift

Is it possible to connect Garmin vivosport watch to Zwift so that I can see my heart rate on my PC during a ride?
Thank you

Je me pose la question :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Hi @Kerem_Eryilmaz1

Check your watch and see if it van broadcast, then you will need a ANT+ dongle for your PC, garmin broadcast in ANT+

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Gerrie, thank you for the reply.
I assume, my laptop doesn’t need ANT+ dongle since its has no problem connecting my speed and cadence sensors. Probably, my garmin vivosport is not compatable with Zwift even though it broadcasts heartrate
Thanks again.

I have the same problem - Zwift picks up my husband’s Forerunner, but not my Vivosport. Contacted Garmin and they say that VivoSport and ForeRunner use the same broadcast technology :-(. Reset my device to defaults, unpaired and repaired, but no luck.

Zwift is only relaying what your PC/Mac/ATV is picking up.

What is the connection sequence? Ant+ (recommended) or BlueTooth? If using BT make sure the Forerunner is disconnected prior to trying to connect the Vivosport.

If on Laptop get an Ant+ dongle and use instead of BT.
ATV only uses BT…make sure the Forerunner disconnected
Apple devices typically use BT but I think the Ant+ dongle works on the laptop/computers. For iPad an adapter cable is also needed.

this all assumes the Vivosport does in fact broadcast. I have no idea.

i have the same problem. I suspect need an ant dongle, but on the other hand my watch will blutooth connect to my laptop, so you would have thought zwift would know this as it is will be searching via this?