Garmin Vivoactive 4s

Can i use a Garmin Vivoactive 4s to get my heart rate/broadcast it on the screen/game while riding?

I use an android phone with Zwift and my kickr core connects Bluetooth or Ant+ on my phone.


Hi @Martine_Dupont

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It look like the Garmin can broadcast HR. I am not sure if the android phone will accept ANT+ devices.

Best way to know is turn on broadcast mode and see if Zwift pick it up in the pairing screen.

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Actually, I’m not worried about Garmin broadcasting it but more Zwift reading it/capturing it.

Anyone has tried and succeeded?

I don’t understand?

You need to broadcast it from your watch for Zwift to receive the HR and show it on the screen.

or did I miss something?

But ive seen on other forums that people have a hard time to make it work. Some are saying its easier with a chest strap per example so it’s why I’m trying to see if someone uses it and who could confirm it works fine.

O now I understand your question.

I found the wrist based HR monitors is not very accurate especially for biking. I tested the Fenix 3HR and vivo active.

For me chest strap works the best.

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Ok good :slight_smile:

So you were able to pair though it was not super good data it’s what you mean?

Thank you!!!

I did pair to a windows PC but it was a simple as a hr strap.