Garmin to record and NOT control Zwift?

I would like to use Zwift to control my KICKR Trainer while I am going trough a custom workout, and have my Garmin 830 simply record data. I am using a Moxy sensor, and Zwift doesn’t collect that data, so I need the Garmin to do that. However, the Garmin frequently takes over control of the resistance from Zwift. Not all the time, which is why it’s so confounding and irritating to me.

Is there something special to how I need to go through and start my sessions to make sure Zwift on Apple TV or my iPad controls the trainer, and not the Garmin?

My protocol is to start Zwift first and have that pick up all the sensors (trainer, cadence, HR, power), and then turn on the Garmin 830 to pick up all the same data and also the Moxy custom data fields.

What sensor are you pairing your Kickr as on the Garmin Head Unit? (Power, Cadence, Trainer)

I dual record my Tacx Neo 2T on my Garmin head unit (for training effects and pedal metrics) along with Zwift. When setting it up the first time I paired the trainer as a power meter sensor on the head unit so Garmin couldn’t attempt to control it.

Thanks for this. I will have to double check how the trainer is paired to the Garmin…I think you might be on to something. I now wonder if I don’t have it paired as a trainer, and maybe also as a power meter. The problem of Garmin controlling the trainer is intermittent, which leads me to believe it may sometimes pair as a trainer, and sometimes as a power meter. I’ll clear all pairings on the Garmin, and re-pair to make sure it is only reading as a power meter.